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Troubleshooting Moneris VX810 Pinpad

Technical Background

The Moneris VX810 is a network based device that the Aralco Point of Sale communicates with for handling debit and credit card transactions. Aralco passes the transaction information to the VX810 pin pad which then uses the internet to communicate with the Moneris service to complete the payment.

In addition to a working network connection, the workstations that need to communicate with the device will also have an Aralco supplied driver installed.

Since the workstation needs to always know how to communicate with the VX810, it’s important that the VX810 is setup with a static IP address. When configured with DHCP, changes in the network can cause the VX810 to change IP address, causing it to lose communication with the Aralco POS.

Once the VX810 has been setup, and the Aralco drivers installed, the \Aralco\POS\PaymentProcessor.cfg file will contain the IP address <PINPADIP> of the VX810. Depending on version, the content of the file will look something like this:


Potential root causes of problems with the VX810 include:

  • No internet connection – the Aralco POS is able to communicate with the device but the VX810 displays Connection Failed;
  • VX810 screen is blank – no power to the pin ;
  • No connection between Aralco POS and the VX810 – the pin pad IP address changed, or the network cable got dislodged.

Troubleshooting Checklist

Below are a number of things to try, when troubleshooting the connection between Aralco Point of Sale, and the VX810.

Display Blank

If there is no display on the VX810, that means it is receiving no power and has been unplugged. Trace the wire from the back of the VX810 to a little black box, and then trace the power wire to make sure it’s plugged in.


It’s always a good idea to make sure that the network cable is plugged in correctly and communicating as well. There should be a steady green, and a flashing yellow light.


After the display on the VX810 shows Welcome/Bonjour , go into Point of Sale » Setup » Initialize pin pad, to make sure the POS and the pin pad are communicating.

Point of Sale not Communicating with Pin Pad

After selecting a debit or credit card payment type, if the pin pad communication window pops up but nothing happens on the VX810, usually means that the POS cannot see the pin pad for some reason.

The resolution to this could be tricky and you’ll probably want to get the customer through the till.

  1. Check to make sure the network cable is properly connected to the black box that the pin pad connects to (see above);
  2. Put the transaction on hold by first cancelling the payment, selecting Back To Items, select Hold, and give it a reference number (whatever works for you);
  3. Exit out of Point of Sale entirely and reboot the workstation;
  4. Power cycle the VX810 pin pad (see above);
  5. Once the pin pad returns to Welcome / Bonjour , within the Aralco POS System select Setup » Initialize pin pad;
  6. If the pin pad does not initialize then there is a good chance the pin pad was not setup as static and the IP address changed;
  7. Steps 7 – 11 are done on the pin pad. Press the CORR and 1 keys at the same time;
  8. Enter the password 123456 and press OK;
  9. The display will show POSPAD, press the number 2;
  10. On the Ethernet CommServer page, press the purple button below the <i> button;
  11. The next screen will display the IP address information. Record the number beside IPAd:;
  12. Once the workstation is back up, use Notepad to edit the \Aralco\POS\PaymentProcessor.cfg and make sure the IPAd field from the pin pad matches the number beside <PINPADID> in the file. Change this number if it is different, and save the file – 99% of the time this is the problem;
  13. Press the * key twice, and then press F2 beside POSPAD. The pin pad will re-initialize and return you to Welcome/Bonjour;
  14. Start up the Aralco POS System and run Setup » Initialize pin pad;
  15. Go back into Point of Sale transaction entry, and select Hold Recall to complete the transaction.

VX810 Connection Failed

This is caused by a loss of internet connectivity. Check with your internet service provider, or your IT service provider.



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