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Sync_local icon is red

Here is a list of troubleshooting tips when the sync_local icon on your Point of Sale register(s) is red synclocalredr:

  •  If all Point of Sale registers at all locations are experiencing the same issue, then the either:
    1. The sync_server application is not running (see KB article);
    2. The Aralco server has stopped running;
    3. There is no network access to the Aralco server;
  • Only the Point of Sale registers at remote locations are experiencing this issue, then they have probably lost internet access to the location where the Aralco server is located. This can be caused by an internet outage, or an IP address change on the server side;
  • When a single register experiences this behavior:
    1. Ensure the workstation has network or internet access that will reach the sync_server server;
    2. Log out of Point of Sale, making sure the synclocalredr icon closes before logging back in;
    3. Restart the workstation;
    4. Sometimes a Windows update will cause permissions issues. Changing the \Aralco\POS\aralcoPOS.exe to Run as Administrator may resolve this;

If the sync_local does not return to yellow/green, then please contact Aralco support at (604) 980-4199 ext 2 or click here to fill out a support request.

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