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Setting up SMTP E-mail in POS

If you don’t have Outlook installed on all of your Point of Sale workstations, or you plan on taking advantage of the automatic e-mail feature, Aralco POS supports sending e-mail through an SMTP server (this is the standard mail transport used by all service providers, including Google, Microsoft, Exchange, etc.).

Some of the settings are technical in nature, which your mail provider or IT partner can answer.

To setup the POS for SMTP e-mail:

  1. For the register you want to setup, start up Point of Sale, and go to Setup » Software Options » Settings;
  2. Navigate to [+] SMTP Email Settings, and enter the following:
    1.  Authentication Mode… Typically this will be set to Clear Text;
    2. Default Client… Set to SMTP;
    3. Email Body is Always Text… When set to Yes, the receipt will be in plain text, otherwise HTML. Normal setting is No;
    4. Message Body… This will be used for sending test messages;
    5. Needs Authentication… Normally set to Yes for outside mail providers;
    6. Password… The password for the user authenticating to the server (requires step 2e above, and 2m);
    7. Sender’s E-mail… This will be in the From field of the e-mail. It is also used for sending a test message when you save the settings;
    8. Server Name… The name of the mail server itself; i.e. smtp.office365.com, smtp.gmail.com, mail.server.com, etc.;
    9. Server Port… Usually port 25, but can also be 465 or 587;
    10. Subject Line… This will be used when sending a test message;
    11. Timeout… The time in seconds the system will continue to try to make a connection to the SMTP server before giving up;
    12. Use SSL… Probably set to Yes as almost all external mail providers use SSL;
    13. User Name… If authentication is enabled (step 2e), this is the name of the user logging into SMTP with the password from step 2f;
  3. When you save the setting changes a test message will be send to the inbox for step 2g. If it is successful the changes are saved and you’re returned to the Point of Sale main screen. Otherwise an error will be displayed and you’ll then be prompted to fix the error and returned to the SMTP Email Setup options;
  4. Restart the Point of Sale program to enable the new settings;
  5. All e-mail, whether automatic or manual, will be sent via your company’s SMTP mail server, requiring no additional external mail client.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Department at 604-980-4199 ext 2., or click on this link to submit a support request.


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