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Setting up a Zebra label printer

In this example we’ll be using Windows 7. There may be some minor differences with your version of Windows but the ideas will remain similar.

  1. Download the appropriate driver for your Zebra printer and install it;
  2. Go to Devices and Printers in Windows, print a test page;
  3. Right click on the Zebra printer and select Printer Properties;
  4. Go to the Ports tab;
  5. Take note which port the printer is connected to; i.e USB002, etc.;
  6. Change the port to print to FILE:;
  7. Back in Devices and Printers
    1. Select Add a printer
    2. Add a local printer
    3. Use Existing port and select the port you identified in step 5
    4. Manufacturer is Generic
    5. Printer is Generic/Text Only
    6. Select to Use the driver that is currently installed
    7. Give the printer a useful name like Aralco Label Printer
    8. Share the printer if used by other workstations
    9. Uncheck Set as Default
    10. Click Finish
  8. Sign into Back Office and go to Inventory » Barcode/Label » Setup;
  9. Set the Printer type to Zebra Printer and the Printer Name to Aralco Label Printer (or whatever you called it in step 7g);
  10. Select Test to make sure you are able to print to that printer. If nothing comes out then it might not be pointing to the right port or try setting the Printer type to Zebra GK 420 if that is the model you have;

Remember that this is only a test label and not the final output. You can experiment with the barcode type, barcode style, barcode set, V-shift (vertical shift), and H-shift (horizontal shift) until you get the output you’re looking for.

Here are some useful links if the printer is skipping labels and needs calibrating:

Important Note

The Aralco system creates its own customized output that cannot be filtered through a standard Zebra printer driver. This is why we create a generic text printer so that the label output is sent directly to the Zebra label printer without modification.

If you are experiencing strange output on the Zebra label printer (duplicates, repeating the same label, etc.), then the Zebra printer is probably still sharing the port with the Aralco generic label printer.

Since you cannot simply delete the Zebra printer, you’ll need to right click on the Zebra printer, select Printer Properties, and make sure the printer is point to FILE:.

Occasionally the Windows printing system won’t recognize the change and groups the Zebra printer with the Aralco generic printer. When this happens, a simple reboot of the workstation should suffice.

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