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Server IP Address Change

When the Aralco server’s internal or external IP address changes, all Back Office and Point of Sale registers need to be updated accordingly.

A couple of ways to find the server’s IP address:

  • If the server is located off-site, login to the server and go to the website http://www.whatismyip.com.
  • If the server is located within the local network, login to the server, open a command prompt, and type ipconfig – look for the line that has the IPV4 address – should look something like,, etc.

Changing Server IP in Back Office (BOS)

  1. Open the <drive:>\ARALCO\BOS\ARALCO.INI file with Notepad;
  2. Change the line SQL_SERVER_NAME=<IP address or server name> to reflect the name or IP address of the server (either will work);
  3. Save the file, and confirm you can log into Back Office;
  4. Repeat this process on each Back Office workstation.

Changing Server IP in Point of Sale

The Aralco POS program on each register uses the sync_local program to talk with the Back Office server and needs to be pointed to the new server. To do this:

  1. On the POS register, log into Point of Sale;
  2. Left click on the synclocalredr icon on the Windows taskbar repeatedly until the menu displays – you’ll need to click and pause, click and pause, click and pause:synclocalmenu
  3. Select Change Server, enter in the new IP address or server name, and click Test Connection – should show Successfull connected to <IP address or server name>;
  4. Click Ok to save, and the sync_local icon should go from red to yellow or green;
  5. Repeat this process on each POS register.

If you cannot get a successful connection, there is a network issue and you should check with your network administrator.

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