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Sequential Invoice Numbering

One of the integral features of the Aralco system is its ability to have the POS registers run independent of the Back Office Server.

Server1 is down? No problem. Internet2 is down? No problem. Router issues? No problem. You’ll be able to continue to process sales through the Point of Sale with minimal effects (see the article Server Access Issues).

Regardless of whether or not they are able to connect to the Back Office server, they can run autonomously for an extended period of time. For this reason, each register issues its own sequential number prefixed by the store and register ID, thus creating a unique invoice number.

For example, 01A-1009, 01B-1009, and 02A-1009 are all unique invoice numbers even though they have the same suffix of 1009.

Although unnecessary, this has been accepted by all levels of government, and accredited accounting institutions,  where an audit has been conducted.

As a side note, invoice numbers are not actually required by law in most countries, nor are they part of GAAP. They are simply an internal tracking system for easily identifying a unique document.

What if an invoice is voided?

In order to maintain the integrity of the invoice numbering system for audit purposes, the Aralco system does not delete an invoice when it is voided. The transaction remains in the system but is marked as VOID.

1. Check out the article on Server Access Issues.
2. If the internet is down and the Point of Sale uses an integrated on-line payment system such as Moneris, the debit and credit cards may not be able to communicate with your payment processor, and an alternate method of payment will be required.

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