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Registering POS DLL Files

The Aralco Point of Sale depends on various DLL files to be registered with the Windows operating system in order to function. In certain circumstances (Windows updates, migrating to a new workstation, etc.) the DLL files need to be re-registered.

To do this we will first download the latest zip file containing the DLL files, unpack the zip file, and run a batch file.

  1. Exit out of any Aralco Point of Sale, or Back Office applications first. Failure to do so will cause active DLL files to not register;
  2. Navigate to the <drive>\ARALCO directory on the workstation;
  3. If a sub-folder called DLL doesn’t already exist, create one;
  4. Using a web browser, click here to download the latest zip file and save it to the <drive>\ARALCO\DLL folder;
  5. Right click on the downloaded file, select Extract All…, and extract the files to the <drive\ARALCO\DLL folder;
  6. Right click on the VB6SP6-UPDCTRL batch file and select Run as administrator;
  7. A window will open, run through a routine, pause briefly, and close.
  8. The DLL files are now registered.

Please contact the Aralco Support Department at 604-980-4199 ext.2, or support@aralco.com if you experience any difficulties with this process.

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