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Reduce POS Database Size

The Aralco Point of Sale system maintains a local Access database (\ARALCO\POS\data\aralco.mdb) on each register workstation. With a limit of 2GB, it is prudent to maintain a date limit for the amount of data retained on each workstation.

The POS system has an automatic purge facility which is activated as part of the End of Shift. If not enabled, the system will continue to collect transactions until it ultimately reaches the 2GB limit.

To enable the automatic purge feature:

  1. From the Point of Sale main menu, select Setup » Software Options » Settings;
  2. Scroll down and expand Purge History;
  3. Select Activate and check Yes;
  4. Select Number of months, and enter the number of months worth of transactions that you want to store on the POS register. For example, if you enter 12, the system will store 12 months worth of transactions on the POS register and purge anything old during the End of Shift process;
  5. Click [Save].

NOTE: If you have a number of registers to change, you can also do this within the Back Office » POS » POS Settings.

During End of Shift, the system will automatically purge transactions older that the number of months entered in the register settings.

In addition, the setting is used to determine the cut-off date when a data download is done for the register from the main Back Office database.

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