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Quick End of Day

Aralco offers a Quick End of Day feature which does not require the operator to enter any cash counts. Simply press the End of Shift icon and that’s it! You’re done! The system presumes that all tenders, paid-outs, etc. are accurate and does not print a report.

NOTE: Do not use this feature if you interface with the G/L, as you will not get over/short information.

To enable this feature

  1. Within Point of Sale, go to Setup » Software Options » Settings or within Back Office, go to POS » POS Settings and select the register to change;
  2. Navigate to [+] End of Day and set the fields to:
    • Quick End of Day… Set to Yes;
    • Quick End of Day – Print Report… Set to Yes to have the End of Day report printed automatically to the default printer;
    • Quick End of Day – Unattended EOD is allowed… Set to Yes to have the End of Day completely automated, requiring only that the POS be left on;
    • Quick End of Day – Unattended EOD Run Time… Enter in 24 hour format, the time that you want the unattended end of day run at; i.e. to have it run at 10pm, enter 22:00;
  3. Save your settings;
  4. Next, on the register where the Quick End of Day is being utilized, go into Point of Sale, and then to Setup » Software Options » Tender Key Setup;
  5. For the Cash tender, disable the Cash count radio button, and save your changes.

Now when the End Session button is pressed, the user will be prompted only for their credentials, and the system will process everything manually.

Again, if you’re planning on using the unattended mode, the Point of Sale will have to stay running.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Department at 604-980-4199 ext 2., or click on this link to submit a support request.

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