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Paying by Points

NOTE: Requires a license for the Frequent Shoppers Points Program option.

As customer’s collect frequent shopper points, they eventually will want to redeem these points against purchases.

Within the Point of Sale » Setup » Software Options » Tender Key Setup, or in Back Office » POS » Tender Key Setup, you define the ratio of points to dollars for the dedicated O (Points) key. For example, 0.02 means each point redeemed will be worth 2¢, 0.01 will be worth 1¢, 0.1 will be worth 10¢, etc..

At Point of Sale, after you press Pay, selecting the O (Points) tender key will allow the operator to apply the points a customer has accumulated to the sale. If the Tender Key points are set to 0.02 (2¢ per point), and the operator enters 1000 for the Points tender amount, the system will apply $20 in Points as payment.

This information will show up on the receipt, End of Day reports, and is available in the Register Reconciliation and Customer report areas in Back Office.

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