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How is the Available Quantity Calculated?

The quantity available in the Inventory Lookup and on reports is the quantity that the system thinks is available to sell. For example, products that are reserved on an order, although they may be physically in a store, are not considered ‘available’.

Here are the various calculations for quantity on hand, reserved, and available:

Qty On Hand = Opening Inventory + Goods Receiving + Adjustments – Returns to Vendor (completed) + Transfers IN (completed) – Transfers OUT (completed) – Sales

Qty Reserved = Returns to Vendor (Reserved, not completed) + Outstanding Customer Orders (Ordered – Shipped)

Qty Available = Qty On Hand – Qty Reserved – Transfers Enroute OUT (Reserved, not completed)

The Available to Ship in the Order Management System (OMS) is different. Customer orders will be part of the Available to Ship quantity, meaning the On Hand quantity can be used for outstanding customer orders.

Qty Available to Ship = Qty Available + Outstanding Customer Orders (Ordered – Shipped)


Qty Available to Ship = Qty On Hand – Returns to Vendor (Reserved, not completed) – Transfers En-routeĀ OUT (Reserved, not completed)

Make sure you compare quantities for the same grid combination (colour, size, etc).

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