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Remote Demo Access

Thank you for taking the time to trial the Aralco Back Office and Point of Sale systems via our remote access web portal.

You will have been provided an email with an attachment, a remote login password, and an Aralco application user ID and password. Please save the attachment to a convenient place on your workstation such as the Desktop, Documents, etc… You’ll be needing to access this in a minute.

Here are step by step instructions for connecting to the Aralco remote desktop demo system:

  1. From a Windows-based PC, double click on the file attachment provided by Aralco. A window similar to the following should appear:Remote Demo Access
  2. Click on the “Don’t ask me …” radio button, and then the Connect button.
  3. Next, you’ll be prompted to enter the remote login password provided in the email.
    Remote Demo Access
  4. If you click on the “Remember me” radio button the system will not ask you for the password in future sessions.
  5. After a few seconds of processing, you’ll be connected to the remote demonstration workstation. This virtual machine is a real live Windows workstation, running Windows 10 Pro, and is pre-loaded with the Aralco Back Office and Point of Sale applications on the desktop.
  6. When you need to access the remote demo workstation again, simply double click on the file from step 1, and the window will appear exactly as you had left it.

Please be sure to contact Aralco if you have any further questions.

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